Chapter 895: The Mighty Long Xiaoxuan

These golden armored soldiers were obviously only in sky sage realm, so Lu Shinan wasn’t afraid of them. However, they were extremely durable to the point where he could only knock them back and not destroy them, no matter what he did. This outcome was a bit depressing. It was at this moment that he felt a sudden tremor beneath his feet. Innumerable tentacles that looked like fleshy tumors suddenly shot towards him from all directions. 

It was the mint ginseng’s attack. Although it looked a little similar to the Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice’s attack, its effects were completely different. The creature’s strength was greater than even the lotus’, but it only had restrictive powers and lacked the attributes of fire and ice. Right now, Lu Shinan had been forced into a very desperate situation. The mint ginseng’s addition to the mix only made his burden heavier. It was at this moment that Lu Shinan abruptly detected a tremor from the air above his head.

When he looked up, a great domain abruptly pressed down on his head. This domain was accompanied by an energy that struck fear in people’s hearts, and it stifled Lu Shinan so much that he felt like he couldn’t breathe. In the next moment, an enormous paw appeared and attempted to...

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