Chapter 894: Fighting Lu Shinan

Lu Shinan was fully focused on robbing Jiang Chen of his possessions. Treasures strong enough to overwhelm the Prince of Shangping had to be extraordinary! He was someone with ambition, having taken shelter under the demon race’s wing because he had a reached a bottleneck in his cultivation. He knew he couldn’t ever become the strongest of the strong. Thus, he had taken a road less traveled—selling his soul was no object, as long as the demon race could be the strong backer he needed. It was also the reason for Lu Shinan’s unscrupulous nature.

Upon entering Myriad Corpse Valley, Jiang Chen’s first observation was that the malevolent air was even denser than it had been three days prior.

“Such a big change in such a short amount of time. The corrupt influence of the demon race is becoming more and more evident. The Wood Demons, the Shadow Demons… I wonder how many other branches are stirring?” He was greatly saddened by the discovery. As the factions within the human domain were still at one another’s throats, the demon race was already roiling with restlessness. They were ready to make a...

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