Chapter 893: Aura of the Demon King

This scene startled Jiang Chen quite a bit. He’d accidentally stumbled across the true progenitor of the wood demon parasites! It was the culprit for the parasites’ infinite plague. If he could kill this monster, the parasite’s true progenitor, then the source of the plague would be cut off. Though parasites elsewhere could still reproduce, it wouldn’t be hard to exterminate them. The reproductive ability of this parasite progenitor was incomparable to all others—none of its children could possibly match it. This strengthened Jiang Chen’s resolve to kill the monster. Unfortunately, he had already played most of his cards.

The only thing he had left was the restriction of his empyrean dwelling. A restriction made by an empyrean cultivator should theoretically kill this parasite progenitor with ease. However, he only had two uses of it left. Jiang Chen didn’t want to use them up so casually.

A thought suddenly popped into Jiang Chen’s mind. Wood demon parasites had two natural enemies: Fire of Firstdawn and Dragonwhisker Water. Didn’t he have a fresh supply of the latter on hand? He...

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