Chapter 892: Wood Demon Parasite Progenitor

“Go and take care.” The voice on the altar spoke as if entrusting a task to its child. “No need to worry about me.”

That monster still seemed somewhat unwilling to leave. It was like a small child completely attached to its parents. It nuzzled the stone stairs around the altar. Suddenly, the voice on the altar made a sound of surprise. “Wood Parasite, go quickly. Someone seems to have broken into your territory.” The voice on the altar seemed a little worried. “Go, go now. Watch over the Requiem Wood. Don’t let anyone touch it! If I’m to reconstruct my body, I need the Requiem Wood. Otherwise, even if I manage to break out of these constraints, I’ll always be flawed.”

“Uwuwuwu.” When that monster heard its master’s instructions, it seemed to realize that things were urgent. Although it was still reluctant, it resolved itself to turn around.

Sealed within the altar, the spirit of King Woodbranch was filled with anxiety. This piece of Requiem Wood was the key for him to recover his soul after breaking free. If he lost the Requiem Wood, his soul would never recover to the...

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