Chapter 891: The Monster and the Altar

The chaotic astral wind seemed to have disrupted the natural order of the grassland. This actually made the rest of Jiang Chen’s journey proceed even more smoothly. After a period of journeying, his God’s Eye caught sight of the end of the grassland. He was delighted. “The disruption caused by the chaotic astral wind actually cleared many of the dangers we would have otherwise encountered along the way. Who’d have thought that we could travel so unimpeded? I can see the end. We should be out of the grassland in less than an hour.”

He glanced at the sky. It was already close to dusk. It would be ideal if they could reach the other side of the grassland before night fell. Although day or night didn't make a difference to most cultivators, spirit creatures would become unusually active in the dark. To Jiang Chen, this wasn’t necessarily a good thing. Luckily, they were able to increase their pace after the passage of the chaotic astral wind.

They finally passed this vast grassland just moments before sunset. As Jiang Chen stood at the edge of the grassland, he could see a small river meander across. Opposite him was a patch of dense forest. From what he could see on the map, this should be the...

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