Chapter 890: Chaotic Astral Wind

Chapter 890: Chaotic Astral Wind

“There’s a dense primordial forest past this grassland. According to what He Hongshu wrote, the Requiem Wood should be in that forest.” Jiang Chen analyzed the map as he spoke to Huang’er, “Let’s go.”

He vaguely sensed that something was strange. With He Hongshu’s level of cultivation, how had he managed to cross the Thousand Corpse Valley? Could it be that the demon race within the valley had not fully awakened at that time? Despite his skepticism, he currently wasn't in the mood to question how the information had been obtained. As their gazes roamed over the vast grassland before him, Jiang Chen and Huang’er didn't step onto the grass. Instead, they activated their Golden Cicada Wings and flew at a low altitude. To a normal cultivator who had never refined their wings of flight, this much flying would consume large amounts of energy.

Through the Golden Cicada Wings, the energy that Jiang Chen and Huang’er were expending didn't even reach a tenth of what they would have used had they relied on their own energy. As long as they occasionally took some pills to replenish themselves, they wouldn't suffer any side effects at all. However, the air currents within the area were extremely strange. Even as they flew close to the ground, they found...

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