Chapter 888: Demon King Nineshadows

Chapter 888: Demon King Nineshadows

"Your Highness, that brat is here!" Lu Shinan suddenly called out.

"Where?" The Prince of Shangping was startled. However, he realized something was wrong the next moment. A black burst of light erupted behind him as he turned, and a strange black talisman exploded in the middle of his back. It turned into an inky jet of air and shot itself into the prince's body. On the other side, Lu Shinan shifted a few dozen meters away like a slippery eel.

The prince was furious. "Lu Shinan, you backstabbing..."

Lu Shinan laughed malevolently. "You're wily, Prince of Shangping, but your wits are no match for mine!"

"Then die!" The prince's face darkened. He was about to deploy an art but found that his body was weak and devoid of any energy. He had no strength left to muster. His entire body had been wrapped in the black air. He couldn't move at all.

"Lu Shinan, what did you do to me?" The Prince of Shangping was scared witless. His normal calmness was lost, and his entire body shook in fear. His intuition told him that the end was nigh.

"Heh heh, what do you think?" Lu Shinan stayed at a distance...

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