Chapter 887: Colluding Villains

Lu Shinan grew serious and a little wary as he stared at the Prince of Shangping. “What else do you have to say, Your Highness?”

The Prince of Shangping smiled wryly, “Don’t worry, I’m not interested in you.”

Lu Shinan spat on the ground, “Are you trying to imply that I’m interested in you?”

The prince waved his hands to show that he wasn’t here to quarrel with Lu Shinan. He answered calmly and without stress, “Daoist Lu, you and I are both emperor realm experts. Therefore, it is understandable that we are wary of each other.”

Lu Shinan snorted softly but didn’t answer. It was obvious that he had his guard up against the other. Lu Shinan frowned, “Just say whatever it is you have to say, Your Highness.” 

The Prince of Shangping nodded, but without any anger towards his rudeness. He pondered for a moment, “I have recently stumbled upon a great fortune. I wonder if you are interested in it, Daoist Lu?”

“There are opportunities everywhere across the desolate wildlands, so I’m actually not interested in this fortune of yours, Your Highness. Who knows if it’s a trap you’ve laid down for me to jump into?”

The Prince of Shangping had a somewhat awkward expression on his face. He would’ve killed this offender with a single punch if this had been any other time. However, Lu Shinan’s...

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