Chapter 886: Fleeing With His Tail Between His Legs

Chapter 886: Fleeing With His Tail Between His Legs

The Prince of Shangping had repressed himself for so long. When he saw Jiang Chen fall into his hands, he no longer needed to hide anything. He shed his mask of geniality and instantly displayed his true character. When Jiang Chen heard this, he abruptly raised an eyebrow. His gaze was filled with killing intent. “Prince of Shangping, do you think that you can suppress me just because you’ve put everything you have into this scheme?”

The Prince of Shangping appeared as if he was about to say something, but a sharp shriek resounded from the area beside them, cutting him off. When he heard this shriek, his expression instantly changed. Naturally, he could identify that this voice belonged to his aide. “Ole Shen, what happened?”

Jiang Chen only smiled chillingly. He knew that the mint ginseng had found its target. As expected, countless tentacles lashed out from beside them. Stream after stream of green fog billowed rapidly towards the Prince of Shangping.

The other’s pupils contracted violently as he dodged in a flurry. He could vaguely sense that a strong binding power lay within that green fog. Within the space obscured by the fog, more than a few hundred wart-covered tentacles shot successively towards him at lightning speed. He was completely dumbfounded. His longsword...

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