Chapter 885: The Eight Statues

Jiang Chen hesitated for a split second. In the end, he still decided to wait until the prince and his aide had walked ahead for a while before proceeding. He didn't want to take the risk of being simultaneously assaulted by the bone apparitions as well as the Prince of Shangping. Thirty minutes after the latter had left, Jiang Chen saw that those bone apparitions still didn't seem to want to attack. He glanced down at Huang’er. Although she had completely sealed off her five senses, she would still be affected by the insidious yin qi within the valley.

“Can’t wait any longer.” Jiang Chen grit his teeth and bounded forwards. He hadn't expected the bone apparitions to remain completely docile, as if they were asleep. They were like terracotta soldiers that had been buried underground, completely still without any signs of aggression. How could Jiang Chen dally when this was the case? He swiftly passed through the area.

However, even after crossing the tombstone district, Jiang Chen remained alert. In such a strange valley, these tombstones were probably just the opening act. Moreover, why had those bone apparitions not attacked him and the Prince of Shangping? This was incredibly suspicious.

“Someone must be controlling...

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