Chapter 884: Myriad Corpse Valley

Chapter 884: Myriad Corpse Valley 

Huang’er received the wood spirit spring essence with an elegant nod. Her clear eyes had become a bit more serious. She was aware of the inflammatory effects that yin-attributed beings had on her Generation Binding Curse, so she took them very seriously. She had been tormented by the curse since she was little and had long since come to terms with it. However, today was different. If something happened to her, Jiang Chen would be affected as well. Huang’er didn’t want to drag him down with her.

Jiang Chen activated his God’s Eye and looked into the distance. The valley was obscured with fog. It appeared equally gloomy no matter the season, as if sunlight was forever incapable of piercing through it, giving the valley an incredibly sinister feeling. Regardless, time waited for no one. Jiang Chen and Huang’er exchanged a glance. “Let’s go.”

The moment the two of them entered the valley, they heard a voice call out from behind them, “Daoist Huang, please wait.”

Even without turning around, Jiang Chen could identify the owner of the voice as the creator of their alliance, the Prince of Shangping. He didn’t slow down as he continued to dash deeper into the valley. He didn’t want to deal with any side issues, so...

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