Chapter 883: A Mint Ginseng

Chapter 883: A Mint Ginseng

A vast and roaring river stretched horizontally before Jiang Chen and Huang’er. There had originally been a bridge crossing the river. But the bridge had fallen into severe disrepair with the passage of time. Vegetation grew rampantly around the broken bridge, protruding from the river like pillars of coral reef.

“We’ve reached the river,” Jiang Chen was delighted. “Our destination lies just beyond the other bank.”

Huang’er also examined the map. This river had been clearly marked out. Once they crossed the river and passed by a few more areas, they would reach the place that He Hongshu had indicated where the Requiem Wood lay. “According to He Hongshu, there are some aggressive spirits residing in the river, but they aren’t very strong.”

This place hadn’t been unearthed at all from ancient times until now. Just the natural spiritual energy suffusing this place would be enough to birth various powerful spirits. Without the interference of the outside world, even a plant with some degree of natural aptitude could become a spirit being, developing into a sentient lifeform. The two of them had refined the Golden Cicada bloodline and simultaneously...

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