Chapter 882: The Shadow Demon King

Chapter 882: The Shadow Demon King

Luckily, the bone apparitions hadn’t been that strong. They’d been on par with the Ghost Cave Five. Select recent events had put Jiang Chen on edge. It looked like demons had indeed permeated the desolate wildlands.

"With the demon race resurfacing, repeating the calamity of ancient times seems unavoidable. They are back with a vengeance." Any other cultivator would have a natural fear of demons. Jiang Chen was different. Demons were fearsome because they were alien for the continent. They came and went like shadows. But he knew of both the race's advantages and disadvantages from his previous life. Though the demons were one of the stronger races within the heavenly planes, they were not invincible.

"Of the five hundred entering this time, I wonder how many will return alive?" A trace of worry flew across Jiang Chen's heart. He had no emotional attachment to these people, the demon race was the true threat. Once their claws and fangs reached outside the wildlands, there would be great calamity...

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