Chapter 880: Untouched Spirit Herbs All Over The Ground

Chapter 880: Untouched Spirit Herbs All Over The Ground

After receiving the money, Prince of Shangping chuckled. “Alright. Since we’ve entered, all of you can either split up or travel as a group according to our previous agreement. Let me just remind you again that we have all struggled to gain access to this place. It would be best if there were no fatal conflicts. All of you will have a chance to obtain something from the desolate wildlands. Do not impose on others.” His words flowed as gracefully as water. But of course, no one really believed him. Some present were privy to what Prince of Shangping was usually like. No matter what flowery language flowed from his lips, when they were truly faced with something valuable, he might be the first one to turn on a teammate.

Jiang Chen was clearly not interested in forming a group with others. In fact, before Prince of Shangping had even finished speaking, he had already shot Huang’er a meaningful glance and swiftly left the area with Lin Yanyu. After walking for a while, Lin Yanyu hastily asked, “Daoist Huang, why didn’t you take the Eight Treasures Antidote?”

Jiang Chen snickered. “How do you know I didn’t take it?”

Lin Yanyu laughed wryly. “This Eight Treasures Antidote has a very strong smell. There will be...

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