Chapter 879: Entering the Desolate Wildlands

Chapter 879: Entering the Desolate Wildlands

Not including the cultivators who were still streaming in, more than ten thousand people had already arrived. When they heard that only two hundred slots had been allocated to them, the atmosphere instantly turned very strange. Everyone was incensed, but no one dared to erupt first, because they all knew that if they lost control, they might become the focus of these emperor realm cultivators’ aggression. They would be turned into the second batch of sacrifices, slaughtered to serve as an example to the others.

The Prince of Shangping’s voice rang out again, “Those who have reached sage realm are qualified to enter. For those who have not, we will make further selections from those at the peak of origin realm. Once the two hundred slots have been filled, the selections will automatically end. If those who have not qualified don’t leave at that time, we cannot guarantee your safety.”

The sage realm threshold barred the paths of the majority of cultivators present.. After all, news regarding the desolate wildlands had yet to spread widely. Not many people were aware of its imminent opening. Any well-informed cultivator who knew of the news and wished to try their luck would already be here. When the sage realm cultivators heard this news, their initially rebellious mental states were immediately...

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