Chapter 875: Scouting for Information

Chapter 875: Scouting for Information

This was a rather unexpected discovery. Jiang Chen had already burned his bridges with Pillfire City. Whether it was Emperor Pillzenith or Pill King Ji Lang, both of them hated him to the core. It wasn’t just because he had caused the Pillfire City to lose the Longevity Pill, but also because Jiang Chen had shattered Ji Lang’s undefeatable legend. He had slapped Pillfire City’s face and shaken the foundations of the faction’s rule of pill dao. To Pillfire City, this was completely unacceptable. Hence, when Jiang Chen heard that this Lin Yanyu was on bad terms with Pillfire City, his interest in the boy grew even deeper.

However, for now, Jiang Chen kept his silence about these matters. Lin Yanyu didn’t spot anything strange about Jiang Chen. Clearly, when he thought of his father, his emotions became a little heated. He seemed to finally remember his manners as he flushed with embarrassment. “Daoist Huang, I’m sorry. I forgot myself there.”

“Don’t worry. It’s normal to be emotional when thinking about your family.” Jiang Chen paused slightly before asking off-handedly, “If Pillfire City is so invincible, there must be plenty of pill dao geniuses there, no? I wonder if you know how many...

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