Chapter 874: Lin Yanyu’s Background

Chapter 874: Lin Yanyu’s Background

Lin Yanyu was a little surprised. When he did business with Jiang Chen earlier, the only impression he got was that this ‘Daoist Huang’ was extremely overbearing. He surmised that this person was a descendant of one of the great clans or great families, because he carried himself with the strong mannerisms of aristocratic families. A person like him might spare the less fortunate a little money when they were in a good mood, but they would never take the other person’s side when they were being threatened by injustice. This was because such actions were utterly beneath them and why Jiang Chen’s actions had caught Lin Yanyu a little off guard. However, he was obviously unwilling to involve an innocent person in his own predicament. He went over to Jiang Chen and said, “It’s alright, Daoist Huang. I can give up a few pills. It’s not like I’d become rich even if they paid.”

Jiang Chen snorted coldly, “Now that I’ve interfered, you’ll get those pills back even if you don’t want them anymore.”

Sheer dominance!

The onlookers watching the spectacle all thought that he had a screw loose in his head. Why was he insisting when the master of the pills himself had given up on pursuing the matter? Did he fancy himself the master of this place and ruler of all or something?...

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