Chapter 873: The Six Wolves of Sparrow Mountain

Chapter 873: The Six Wolves of Sparrow Mountain

Jiang Chen’s expression didn’t change even after he’d heard Lin Yanyu’s message. Lin Yanyu transmitted again, “The first two things I’ve told you are absolutely true. I don’t have any hard evidence for the third, but based on my own observations, I am almost certain that it’s true. You can see for yourself later, Daoist Huang, but please don’t say that I’m the one who told you this, or not even having ten lives can save me.”

Lin Yanyu smiled wryly and cupped his hands towards Jiang Chen’s direction. Only then did he carefully walk away. Jiang Chen frowned, but didn’t look at Lin Yanyu’s departing back. Considering how cautious Lin Yanyu was, it must have taken him a great deal of courage to reveal this information. Jiang Chen sighed inwardly. Everyone has their own way of living. This Lin Yanyu may seem petty and low, but he has his own principles. The spirit stones I gave him was what the Eight Treasures Antidote was truly worth, but not only did he refuse to accept them, he even give me a bit of intel in return. He’s an interesting fellow alright.

To be honest, he was very impressed with Lin Yanyu. Lin Yanyu might not live an unrestrained life—one might even say that the way he lived his life was perhaps a little too cautious—but...

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