Chapter 869: Secrets of the Demon Race

Chapter 869: Secrets of the Demon Race

Mang Qi’s expression was extremely ugly. Its tone was unprecedentedly stern as it responded, “In ancient times, the desolate wildlands were invaded by the demon race. The nest of the demon race is precisely in the desolate wildlands. This place where we were sealed is the boundary of the desolate wildlands. Are you really thinking of charging straight into demon race territory?”

“Demon race territory? We’re in the Divine Abyss Continent. There aren’t any demons here.”

Mang Qi shook its head repeatedly, “There’s no way the demon race isn’t present. The bloodline of the demon race is not so easily extinguished. Their temporary absence may only be a sign that they are biding their time. Without the demon race, why have the desolate wildlands remained as desolate as ever even today? Because you human cultivators don’t even dare to occupy that place, because the bloodline of the demon race has not disappeared at all. Jiang Chen, if you… if you don’t know how terrifying the demon race is, it’s best that you don’t approach the desolate wildlands.” Mang Qi was clearly extremely agitated. It hated the idea of Jiang Chen risking his life.

“I’m sorry but I must go to the desolate wildlands. I have to obtain the Requiem Wood.”...

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