Chapter 868: Mang Qi’s True Origin

Chapter 868: Mang Qi’s True Origin

“You, a foreign being from outside the realm, are asking me, a cultivator of the Divine Abyss Continent to save you from the Great Formation of Heavenly Soul Confinement? What a great scheme,” Jiang Chen mocked.

Mangji only smiled wryly without argument. In an instant, the air between them grew stiff. In the darkness, neither man nor beast spoke. It was a beat later that Mang Qi sighed softly as it spoke. “Jiang Chen, when you’ve lived to my age and been in this situation, perhaps any edges, any opinions you have would have already been worn  down by the endless ebb and flow of time. Nonetheless, since you have brought up this matter, I feel that I still have to defend myself a little. Would you be willing to grant me this chance? You can choose not to listen.”

Jiang Chen wasn’t tyrannical to the point of denying the creature speech. He calmly replied, “Say your piece.”

Mang Qi nodded. His eyes shone with the bleakness of the endless currents of change. “It is as you say. I am from another realm. Most of those been bound here by the great formation are...

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