Chapter 867: Returning to the Boundless Catacombs

Chapter 867: Returning to the Boundless Catacombs

While they were still speaking to each other, a figure suddenly walked out of an alley of the royal tutor’s residence. After the initial surprise, the figure immediately smiled. “Have you two come for that secret realm too?”

Secret realm? Jiang Chen felt a bit of astonishment, but he smiled and said nothing in reply.

“Hehe, there are only two days left before registration closes, and the amount of spots left are few to say the least. You should hurry up if you wish to register.” 

Jiang Chen answered smilingly, “We’re not in a hurry.”

“You’re not?” The person frowned, “The number of spots are limited. You won’t qualify for participation if you don’t register yourselves soon. Everyone is required to follow a strict set of rules this time.”

Jiang Chen had visited practically every reputable secret realm that existed in the sixteen kingdoms alliance. Therefore, he didn’t believe that there was another secret realm here that could catch his attention. Seeing that Jiang Chen was unmoved by his words, the person’s tone turned a little hostile, “What are you here for if not for the registration? Are you trying to spy on us or something?”

“Is this place...

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