Chapter 863: Brotherhood

Chapter 863: Brotherhood

The three of them weren’t bound by any restrictions, but they couldn’t conjure up the thoughts to escape. From what they could feel, their purchaser had strength that surpassed theirs by a hundredfold. There was no way they could outrun him even if they got a five hundred mile head start. Simultaneously, they were also curious. Why were they not implanted with any restrictions after being purchased? Was their purchaser really not afraid of them running away? But what ordinary cultivator was this kind to his slaves?

Each member of the trio was occupied with his own thoughts for a time. Feng Pao was unfamiliar with the other two. On the other hand, Liu Wencai and Lu Yali were both sect and blood brothers, but they couldn’t exactly communicate in present circumstances.

“Ay,” Jiang Chen sighed softly. “Life is a lottery. I didn’t think that my travels into the Great Scarlet Mid Region would lead me to some old brothers.”

This time, he didn’t disguise his voice. Liu Wencai and Lu Yali trembled when they heard this. They gazed at Jiang Chen with indescribable astonishment, their eyes filled with a strong desire for inspection. Clearly, the familiar voice greatly deviated from their expectations....

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