Chapter 862: Jiang Chen Buys Three Slaves

Chapter 862: Jiang Chen Buys Three Slaves

Unlike the slaves in the Myriad Puppets Pavilion back in Veluriyam Capital, these ones didn’t wear any masks. Otherwise, Jiang Chen wouldn’t even haven’t looked at them. However, he didn’t lower his guard even if their faces were exposed in broad daylight. Seen from another angle, the Great Scarlet Mid Region being so straightforward and completely exposing these slaves’ faces might be a trap designed to lure their enemies with.

He was originally planning on buying all Regal Pill Palace disciples if he saw any. But thinking carefully on it now, it seemed very dangerous to do so. In case it turned out to be a trap, he was bound to attract attention if he only bought disciples of the Regal Pill Palace and no one else. After all, who would be so kind as to buy disciples of the Regal Pill Palace only, if they weren’t a disciple of the sect themselves?

Five hundred slaves were put on display one by one and made to kneel on the ground. Only, they were under control. All of them looked dazed. No shame could be seen on their faces, no joy or happiness. Jiang Chen realized with a quick glance that there were indeed quite a few Regal Pill Palace disciples among them. However,...

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