Chapter 860: The Five Great Cauldrons of the Regal Pill Palace

Chapter 860: The Five Great Cauldrons of the Regal Pill Palace

Jiang Chen suddenly felt a sense of shame. He hadn’t quite brought himself to respect Wei Xing’er all along, and it wasn’t just because of Ling Bi’er’s warning. Rather, it was because Wei Xing’er’s previous style of doing things had been overly unruly and sinister. To put it succinctly, she’d been poisonous. She would achieve an end regardless of the means. Naturally, Jiang Chen wasn’t fond of that.

In reality, Ling Bi’er had never slandered Wei Xing’er. She’d only warned Jiang Chen to be on her guard around the other girl. Everything Ling Bi’er had said was true, because Wei Xing’er had decided to make a move against Jiang Chen soon afterwards. The Wei Xing’er at that time had truly possessed all the attributes of a succubus. Only, as things changed with the passage of time, the paradigm shift within the Myriad Domain had given Jiang Chen the chance to see another side of Wei Xing’er.

Jiang Chen might have saved a fair number of people in the Myriad Domain, like the group young geniuses he’d rescued at the entrance of the Paramount Realm. However, in his heart, he would never have expected Wei Xing’er to do the same. And yet, that girl had done exactly that. It was just that their...

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