Chapter 858: Resplendent Emerald Veranda’s Young Madam

Chapter 858: Resplendent Emerald Veranda’s Young Madam

It had to be mentioned that Wei Xing’er certainly had a bag of tricks up her sleeve. Somehow, she’d always had a way to handle men. She had a way of attracting even Jiang Chen’s attention, a man unlikely to fall for her tricks. Of course, what she relied on was not her assets but rather, the fact that she was able to analyze Jiang Chen’s thoughts. Upon seeing his hesitation, Wei Xing’er giggled. “You evil little boy. Back when this girl fell into your palms, why didn’t you hesitate before you spanked me? Could it be that you’re scared right now?”

Jiang Chen exchanged glances with Huang'er. Huang'er didn’t seem too scared of this temptress either. She nodded lightly, indicating that Jiang Chen should respond to her. He thought for a second before replying, “Wei Xing’er, I don’t care what status you have right now or which house’s young madam you might be. If you dare to do anything unfavorable to me, it’s child’s play for me to take your life, regardless of how many patrons you have.”

Wei Xing’er raised her brows when she heard this. Not only did she not show a trace of fear, a smile graced her lips instead. “I just love how fierce you look....

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