Chapter 857: Chance Encounter with an Old Acquaintance

Chapter 857: Chance Encounter with an Old Acquaintance

The Eternal Celestial Capital had realized to their shock that they were completely trapped. Not only could they not exit, all forms of communication with the outside world had been cut off. It was as though they had been isolated from the outside world in every possible way. Naturally, Jiang Chen was not aware of these things happening within Veluriyam Capital. After he had left, he and Huang'er mixed into the various groups of wandering cultivators. With nothing to obstruct their path, their travel was smooth and peaceful.

When they reached the borders of Veluriyam Capital again, those powers from the Eternal Celestial Capital had already retreated from Myriad Peoples City. By now, the city had already regained its previous state. They passed through unimpeded.

The last time, he had slaughtered his way to Veluriyam Capital from the Myriad Domain. As his path had been paved with countless hardships, it had taken him no less than half a year of time. This time, his mood was entirely different. With no one to block his way and no fear of being recognized, his travels had been extremely smooth. Moreover, Jiang Chen’s speed was no laughing matter. Even without using the arts of flying from Emperor Featherflight,...

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