Chapter 855: The Wood Demon Tribe

Chapter 855: The Wood Demon Tribe

Holy King Mu’s words sent everyone into a daze. Pill King Zhen was actually Jiang Chen? What kind of far-fetched joke was this? Wasn’t Jiang Chen a mere genius from a fourth-rank sect? He shouldn’t be at such a level even though he was moderately talented.

“Jiang Chen? Impossible! He’s admittedly quite cunning, but how could he produce such a grand spectacle with his meager abilities? Even Pill King Ji Lang of Pillfire City wasn’t his match.”

“Indeed. It isn’t quite possible for Regal Pill Palace to produce such a genius with their modest heritage.” Those assembled successively expressed their lingering doubt towards Holy King Mu’s deduction. It wasn’t so surprising that the people had their misgivings. In their eyes, Jiang Chen was only a genius who was relatively adept at using the time and terrain to his advantage.

Wiping out Gong Wuji’s group had been Jiang Chen’s greatest feat of strength. But everyone knew that it wasn’t because Jiang Chen had been exceptionally strong. Rather, it was because he had made use of the Infant Shriek’s topography to poison his...

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