Chapter 854: The Holy Kings of the Eternal Celestial Capital Meet

Chapter 854: The Holy Kings of the Eternal Celestial Capital Meet

After a quick mental inventory, Jiang Chen abruptly realized that he possessed an unbelievable amount of trump cards. Any one of the items could transform an average genius into a first-rate genius. The fact that he alone possessed all of these trump cards left him in wonder at his extraordinary fortune. In fact, Emperor Peafowl himself had noticed that Jiang Chen’s fortune was remarkable after the emperor awakened his All-Seeing Eye. Naturally, Jiang Chen found this theory of fortune to be perfectly reasonable. It was simply impossible for a person who’d managed to survive the destruction of the heavenly plane and obtained a new lease on life not to have fortune on his side. As long as he didn’t try to commit suicide or actively seek death, his fortune alone would carry him through most problems.

This was obvious if one were to take another look at his past. Despite losing his sect, and hunted by two first rank sects, Jiang Chen had still been able to live freely. Of course, fortune alone wasn’t enough to carry one all through their life. If a person of great fortune stepped into their own death, then no amount of fortune would be able to change their outcome.

There were plenty of geniuses of great fortune in the world of martial dao, but not all of them could grow to their...

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