Chapter 852: Plans to Visit Old Stomping Grounds

Chapter 852: Plans to Visit Old Stomping Grounds

Just because He Hongshu’s Wood Demon Parasites had been dealt with didn’t mean that the entire affair had been resolved. Out of convenience, Jiang Chen had removed the demonic yin energy that had lingered on the wandering cultivator’s body as well. It was something he could easily deal with, especially when compared to the parasites. However, the demonic yin energy had no reason to be present either. Jiang Chen could tell that it had come from a different source than the parasites.

That was to say, after He Hongshu had entered the wildlands, he had been attacked not once, but twice. He’d been the prey of two separate factions. Moreover, Jiang Chen felt some familiarity from the demonic yin energy, and his intuition told him that this matter wasn’t so simple. However, without further clues, he had no way of making any additional inferences.

Pill King Lu Feng sidled over, curious. “Master, you’ve sealed away the Wood Demon Parasites inside that gourd, but you haven’t killed them. How do you plan on dealing with them?”

“They’re sealed away, so they won’t be able to act up for now. I’ll kill them when I find the chance to.” Jiang Chen...

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