Chapter 850: Terrifying Poisonous Parasites

Chapter 850: Terrifying Poisonous Parasites

Life was the only thing precious to a person nearing death. Everything else was as transient as the fleeting clouds. He Hongshu didn’t even frown after seeing Jiang Chen preparing to state his conditions. “Pill King Zhen, please state your terms. No matter what they are, I  won’t hesitate to fulfill them as long as they’re within my power.”

Ole He was willing to part with anything other than the lives of him and his son at the moment. He’d realized on death’s door that only life was the most valuable possession and that all forms of material wealth were expendable.

“I don’t want any payment from you. I only want a map, a detailed overview, and a promise.” Jiang Chen replied in all seriousness.

He Hongshu was startled. “Pill King Zhen, are you planning to search for the Requiem Tree?”

Jiang Chen didn’t deny this and nodded softly. He Hongshu spoke with great concern, “Pill King Zhen, Ole He has absolutely no doubts regarding your pill dao talent, but I suggest you stay away from that place. The Requiem Wood is a valuable item, no doubt, but that place is simply too eerie...

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