Chapter 849: A Leaf From the Requiem Tree

Chapter 849: A Leaf From the Requiem Tree

It hadn’t been long since He Hongshu returned to Veluriyam Capital, but he wasn’t deaf. How could he be ignorant of all the rumors about Pill King Zhen? Only, he’d never imagined that this pill master who was so famous in the Capital and throughout the human territories would actually turn out to be Pill King Lu Feng’s master! This relationship was completely  beyond belief.He Hongshu actually had a little trouble wrapping his head around it. He looked at Jiang Chen, then at Lu Feng. This pair actually did look like master and disciple, were their roles reversed. However, to have the young man as the master and the one with white hair and white beard as the student instead was rather head-scratching.

Lu Feng didn’t think of it as a shameful matter. It was a source of great honor for him. “Hehe, Ole He, normally I wouldn’t even tell anyone. I tell you because of our relationship. How about it, is my master qualified enough to treat you? If you really don’t want to, then forget about it.”

He Hongshu’s face turned green before words spilled from his mouth in a torrent, “I’m willing,...

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