Chapter 848: A Hint of the Requiem Wood

Chapter 848: A Hint of the Requiem Wood

Elder Shun left the sixteen kingdom alliance a few years ago, entrusting Huang’er to Jiang Chen’s care. Jiang Chen deduced that the elder had first travelled to the Regal Pill Palace, then come all the way to Veluriyam Capital, and finally travelled the length and breadth of the Upper Eight Regions. He’d also left behind an incredibly high bounty. The bounty offered a great emperor’s relic for the Requeim Wood. At the time, this bounty had sent waves throughout the entire Upper Eight Regions.

If it hadn’t been for Pill King Lu Feng back then, Jiang Chen wouldn’t have learned that Elder Shun had once visited the Upper Eight Regions and Veluriyam Capital before. A bounty with a great emperor’s relic as reward was enough to stir the interest of everyone in the human domain. Jiang Chen thought carefully and seriously for a moment, “Ole Lu, this isn’t something to joke about.”

Seeing how serious his master was, Pill King Lu Feng immediately lost his irreverent attitude and answered in a rare, serious tone, “I can’t guarantee this matter is one hundred percent true, master. But I do think that the source of this news is likely reliable.”

“Explain it to me carefully.” Jiang Chen didn’t dare...

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