Chapter 847: Momentous News

Chapter 847: Momentous News

It had to be said that Pillfire City’s ruthlessness knew no bounds; they would stop at nothing when attacking outsiders. Furthermore, there was no way to prove this crime once the item had been destroyed.

“Good, good, very good!” Jiang Chen ground his teeth. “It seems I need to add one more name—Pillfire City’s—to my blacklist.”

Jiang Chen was never one to be trampled on. “Since you want to kill me, then you should be mentally prepared for the possibility of you being killed instead!” He was absolutely enraged. Victory and defeat were common in pill competitions, but very few would actually resort to immediate murder after being defeated.

“Pillfire City’s vicious move is probably not only due to the disgrace of this loss, but also so that they can preserve their domination in the field of pills. They won’t tolerate even the slightest threat. So it turns out that Pillfire City’s philosophy as a hegemon is just that simple and cruel.” Jiang Chen was greatly dissatisfied. He wouldn’t be too surprised if such a matter happened to someone else, but once threatened, he wasn’t one to be trifled with. He had already...

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