Chapter 846: Pillfire City’s Secret Letter

Chapter 846: Pillfire City’s Secret Letter

There was simply no place left for any other man in Dan’er’s heart, because every inch  belonged to one man already. Whether it be a superlative genius, or the most handsome man in the world, they were but an insignificant passersby to her. That man was her sky and her earth, her entire world and the source of her happiness.

The feelings that grow between men and women are fascinating like that. It was also Dan’er’s nature. She was simply powerless to extricate herself from her feelings. She didn’t feel a hint of regret no matter how much hardship she’d suffered. In Dan’er’s mind, this man was someone sacred, an ideal that no one could infringe upon. She would never allow anyone to say half a word against him.

The reason why she’d never mentioned him to anyone else was that she didn’t want to hear the slightest negative opinion about him. Dan’er had made every decision in her life out of her own volition. He might even be completely unaware that she’d carried his flesh and blood. If he truly was the kind of man to love and leave them, then he would have had the opportunity to do so back when she’d revealed her...

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