Chapter 845: Dan’er’s Emotions

Chapter 845: Dan’er’s Emotions

Sacred Peafowl Mountain was brimming with noise and excitement as a result of this battle. The pill dao powers subordinate to other great emperors of Veluriyam Capital sent their men over to learn from Pill King Zhen and absorb some experience. Or that was what they claimed to be doing. In reality, they were simply checking to see if they could share in part of the Longevity Pill’s profits as well. Unfortunately for them, the share of interests had been decided a long time ago, so it was impossible for another party to try and take a slice of the pie now.  Moreover, those great emperors had done nothing to aid in the fight for the right over the Longevity Pill, so of course they weren’t given a piece of the profits. 

The great emperors themselves knew this very well. They were relatively certain that they wouldn’t luck out with a share of the profits. But trying cost nothing, and Sacred Peafowl Mountain might grant them the authority and pill recipe to refine the Longevity Pill. However, Emperor Peafowl was very resolute on this matter.

No meant no. His stance didn’t change no matter who came to persuade him. He knew very well...

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