Chapter 843: A Decisive Test

Chapter 843: A Decisive Test

Both sides submitted their pills to the judges. Jiang Chen’s expression was completely at ease. On the other hand, while Pill King Ji Lang was relatively satisfied with the product of his handiwork, there was still a trace of inexplicable worry in his heart. Today’s events had been filled with a strange quality. He had a very bad feeling about something he couldn’t quite place.

Both sides’ pills were presented before the judges. Jiang Chen’s cauldron had six pills, and Pill King Ji Lang’s caudron only had five. From the quantity alone, Jiang Chen was already in the lead. Of course, for pill battles involving refining, the number of pills was never a topic of comparison. Rather, the pill with the highest quality was selected from the two sides, and the battle decided over that.

Jiang Chen’s cauldron clearly represented the pinnacle of his craftsmanship. Out of the six pills, three were fully of the supreme rank. The remaining three were of upper rank as well. That is to say, Jiang Chen’s six pills didn’t even have one of mid rank, not to mention ones of lower rank.

Pill King Ji Lang’s five pills, however, had one upper, one lower, and three mid-ranked...

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