Chapter 841: Consecutive Moves

Chapter 841: Consecutive Moves

Refine the Longevity Pill with different ingredients? Not only was Jiang Chen’s proposal fresh and stimulating, it was also very entertaining. It was enough to instantly capture everyone’s attention. Even those from Sacred Peafowl Mountain hadn’t expected Jiang Chen to come out with such a proposal. After all, the pill recipe Jiang Cheng had gifted to Sacred Pill Mountain was also a fixed recipe. There had been no mention of interchangeable ingredients.

For a divine pill like that, everyone thought that every ingredient and every detail of its refining had been perfected after thousands of trials and experiments by masters of the dao of pills. It shouldn’t be possible to alter it at will. Even people from Sacred Peafowl Mountain suddenly felt a little skeptical. Was Pill King Zhen bluffing Pillfire City on purpose? Was he deliberately using a stratagem, because he knew his odds of victory were slim?

Only Great Emperor Peafowl maintained a faint smile on his face. He too was a little astounded by Jiang Chen’s proposal, but he didn’t let anything show. On the contrary, he vaguely thought that Jiang Chen might perhaps really have something up his sleeve.

Pillfire City’s side was...

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