Chapter 839: A Hot Reception

Chapter 839: A Hot Reception

"Look, they're coming out!" Someone with keen eyes shouted in the middle of the crowd, putting an end to the heated discussion that was taking place. Their collective gazes moved to the front.

At the end of the long hallway, the four monarchs led the way. Emperor Peafowl and a youth dressed like a pill king trailed behind them. Further behind was a group of other pill kings, all dressed in Sacred Peafowl Mountain’s pill king uniforms. Only the strongest had been chosen to be in the entourage. Simultaneously on the other side of the corridor, Pillfire City’s representatives made their entry. Emperor Pillzenith was at the head of the pack, followed by a group of his elite guard. A scholarly, middle-aged man was the object of their protection.

“It really is Pill King Ji Lang! Pillfire City is certainly attaching a great deal of importance to this occasion.”

“Pill King Ji Lang is a half-step pill emperor. The average ninth-level pill king has no right to even think of seeking him as their master. Tsk tsk, Pillfire must really want to win.”

“If Pillfire City wants something, it’s hard to say if anyone can deny them. That’s definitely...

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