Chapter 838: The Gathering of Pill Dao Heavyweights

Chapter 838: The Gathering of Pill Dao Heavyweights

It was natural that a reunion between peers would result in exceptional excitement from everyone. Experiencing the destruction of their sect together had drawn everyone much closer together. They had been competitors before, but now they huddled together for warmth. They were all vagabonds, and the feeling of meeting old acquaintances in a foreign place was indescribable.

Ling Hui'er listened to Shen Trifire’s retelling of Jiang Chen’s exploits with much gusto. The more she asked and the more answers she was given the happier she became. Though Ling Su had stayed quiet during the recounting of the tale, his heart was astonished by the news. For Jiang Chen to be capable of achieving such results in the short time that he’d been here at Veluriyam Capital…

Ling Su had been saved by Jiang Chen before, but he’d only awakened after Jiang Chen and Ling Bi'er had departed from Regal Pill Palace for the Myriad Grand Ceremony. Thus, his previous impression of Jiang Chen wasn’t that strong. He only knew that the youth was his one-time savior. They’d met once more at Tai-ah City, but that instance had been brief as well. They parted ways after a few scant moments of conversation,...

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