Chapter 837: Reunion

Chapter 837: Reunion

All Myriad Snake Gang’s mid management and senior executives were put in locked collars and paraded down the streets.

“The Myriad Snake Gang has committed many evils, so the Coiling Dragon Clan will uphold justice today and put them on a public trial. Our aim is to return a clean, untainted Azure Sea District to everyone. If any one of you have injustices or grudges to tell of, please reveal them now, but without any embellishment.”

There were at least one hundred people kneeling in the square when all the big and small ringleaders of the Myriad Snake Gang were accounted for. The boss and elders of the gang were actually all emperor realm experts. Even the normal ringleaders were at sky sage realm at a minimum. One had to say that a power like this could literally do anything they wanted to the wandering cultivators. However, Jiang Chen didn’t think that this Myriad Snake Gang was simply a gang made up of wandering cultivators. If they were, they wouldn’t have dared act so arrogantly.

The fact that they had dared do what they did meant that they had a patron behind them. Thankfully, the Ling father and daughter were frightened but safe. Therefore, Jiang Chen didn’t plan to go down this particular rabbit hole much further. When the news of Myriad Snake...

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