Chapter 836: Annihilating the Myriad Snake Gang

Chapter 836: Annihilating the Myriad Snake Gang

Young master Ji San’s leisurely smile suddenly froze. “And who are you?”

Vice Boss Ma kowtowed repeatedly, “I am the vice boss of Myriad Snake Gang, Ma Yue.”

“Myriad Snake Gang?” Ji San frowned and cast an inquiring glance at Captain Mo. As a first rate young master in Veluriyam Capital, there was almost nothing in Veluriyam Capital that young master Ji San didn’t know. That being said, he very seldom frequented the gathering places of wandering cultivators. Naturally, he had heard of Myriad Snake Gang. But there was no reason for someone at his level to pay any more attention to an underground gang. This tiny Myriad Snake Gang might be a first rate power in Azure Sea District, but it was ultimately a small fry in the eyes of something as big as the Coiling Dragon Clan. It was already impressive for Ji San to know of its name.

Captain Mo walked over and explained briefly in a whisper. Young master Ji San nodded slightly and frowned, “Even my Coiling Dragon Clan wouldn’t dare extort someone on the streets in broad daylight. The Myriad Snake Gang sure has some guts.”

Vice Boss Ma immediately started shaking like a leaf, “It’s a misunderstanding. It’s all a misunderstanding, young master Ji San.”

Young master Ji San nodded, “I won’t accuse...

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