Chapter 834: Making Trouble In Public

Chapter 834: Making Trouble In Public

The cultivators on horseback guffawed when they heard Ling Hui’er’s tone. With exaggerated expressions, they staggered to and fro, their bodies swaying from side to side. It was as if they’d heard the funniest joke in the world.

“Law?” One of them cackled, clutching at the back of his horse. “What right do two little ants have to speak of law here, in Veluriyam Capital?”

“Wench, let me teach you what the law here is really like, eh?” Another cultivator rode towards them as he laughed, reaching for Ling Hui’er’s chest with a one-armed swipe. Ling Hui’er’s pretty face turned pale. Ling Su saw an opening in the action and countered with a block, parrying the other man’s arm with his own.

“You’re looking to die, aren’t you?!” The attacker angrily shouted upon being intercepted. He raised the whip in his hand with a savage motion. It swished through the air like a serpent soaring through water, intent on striking Ling Su’s head. Having to not only protect his daughter but also dodge the blow, Ling Su found himself in a tight spot. Incensed by the proceedings, Ling Hui’er drew her shortsword and slashed towards the whip.


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