Chapter 833: The Ling Father and Daughter Pair

Chapter 833: The Ling Father and Daughter Pair

Jiang Chen could see that Shen Trifire was already quite devoted to the task at hand. However, he still felt somewhat guilty when he recalled Ling Bi’er’s selfless assistance back in the Myriad Domain. The world was a big place—who knew where Ling Bi’er had ended up? Still, her father and sister had come to Veluriyam Capital and were thus his responsibility. He was obligated to take care of them and, in good conscience, couldn’t allow any harm to befall them. It wasn’t simply a responsibility towards a peer of the same sect, rather, it was a kind of accountability towards the girl who had saved his life.

“Trifire, let us go right now. I will come with you.” Jiang Chen couldn’t sit still. He wanted to take the Ling father and daughter duo to Taiyuan Tower immediately to ensure their safety. They were already here in the capital. Even though law enforcement was fairly adept, it was still an eat-or-be-eaten type of social pecking order amongst wandering cultivators. Considering Ling Su and Ling Hui’er’s level of cultivation, sooner or later they were bound to end up in an unfavorable position.


Located in the northern...

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