Chapter 831: Sacred Peafowl Mountain’s Inheritance

Chapter 831: Sacred Peafowl Mountain’s Inheritance

Jiang Chen couldn’t avoid Emperor Peafowl’s enthusiastic gaze, so he smiled and answered honestly, “I could try. Though I would not be able to guarantee the success rate. Plus, this pill is so precious that it would take ages to gather its ingredients again in the case of failure.”

Jiang Chen left himself some leeway to fall back on.

Emperor Peafowl sighed, “Genius. What genius! To think that a place overflowing with fortune as my Veluriyam Capital would lack a genius of your ability all these years, but a forgotten place like the Myriad Domain would produce one! No matter how powerful your master was, he couldn’t have molded a genius like you if you didn’t possess outstanding talents yourself. It is the combined effort of your master’s godly methods and your own outstanding talents that made you into the shining genius you are now!”

There were countless youngsters in Veluriyam Capital, but there had never been a person who received such high praise from Emperor Peafowl until now. This was no longer just simple praise, but one that came from the bottom of his heart. Suddenly, the emperor’s eyes became determined as if he had just made up his mind about something....

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