Chapter 830: Emperor Peafowl’s Wish

Chapter 830: Emperor Peafowl’s Wish

There was no reason for Jiang Chen to deny Emperor Peafowl’s intentions. Personally speaking, Jiang Chen was very impressed by Emperor Peafowl’s behavior and amiability thus far. Moreover, this battle was no longer merely a conflict between Veluriyam Capital and Pillfire City. It was directly related to his personal future and fate. Therefore, the thought of retreat didn’t cross Jiang Chen’s mind even once.

The Longevity Pill was his!

If Jiang Chen hadn’t given the pill willingly to Pillfire City, then there was no way they would get to keep it. They had to first ask for permission from Jiang Chen if they wished to use it!


That day, Jiang Chen met Emperor Peafowl once more inside the Sacred Peafowl Mountain secret realm. Although the highly anticipated battle was going to happen in less than three days’ time, not a shred of pre-battle jitters could be seen on Emperor Peafowl’s face. At his level, it seemed as though nothing could cause huge emotional turmoil in Emperor Peafowl. Even a matter such as this, a battle so important that it would influence the future trend and fate of Veluriyam Capital’s influence in pill dao for...

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