Chapter 829: The Preparations of a No Preparation Period

Chapter 829: The Preparations of a No Preparation Period

A month wasn’t too long of a period of time, and Pillfire City’s power and influence was undeniable. The contest hadn’t even begun, but news had already spread throughout the lands. Only, most of the factions in the human territories unconditionally favored Pillfire City. After all, Pillfire City had been the hegemon of pill dao in the human territories for over three thousand years.

Veluriyam Capital was doing fine, but when it came to pills, it had merely shown a little development in the last thousand years. It was still far from posing a tangible threat to Pillfire City. Never mind the wild speculations running afire throughout the world at large, there were many questions even inside Sacred Peafowl Mountain. Even the four great monarchs were baffled by Great Emperor Peafowl’s decision this time. Why did His Majesty trust Pill King Zhen so much?

If one put their respective pill traditions and heritages side by side, it was an almost impossible task for Sacred Peafowl Mountain to go against Pillfire City. Anyone with a little brains knew that Pillfire City was an existence one couldn’t provoke when it came to pills....

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