Chapter 827: Preemptive Strike

Chapter 827: Preemptive Strike

Emperor Peafowl smiled meaningfully, "And what is your best stratagem?"

The audience perked up their ears, their eyes fixated upon Jiang Chen. They waited for  him to reveal his last plan.

"The best stratagem is to completely defeat them on a technical level. That way, they would have nothing to say over  their loss. The biggest advantage of this is that it will shake up Pillfire City's hegemony over the pill world. Though circumstances won't immediately change, we can damage their foundation.  From what I can see, Veluriyam Capital doesn't want to be crushed by Pillfire City to the point of asphyxiation when it comes to pills either, does it?" It had to be said that Jiang Chen's words were extremely motivational and persuasive. If it wasn't because Veluriyam Capital lacked the prowess to compete with Pillfire City, who at the capital was willing to see such a thing happen?

Indeed, Pillfire City's monopoly was against the interests of the entire human domain. After all, the current situation was  oriented in a very anti-consumer fashion. That Pillfire City was able to to control over seventy percent of pill-related profits was precisely...

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