Chapter 825: Pentecolor Divine Swords

Chapter 825: Pentecolor Divine Swords

Ji San’s intuition really was quite powerful. The second Jiang Chen’s name appeared in his thoughts, he immediately came to the conclusion that this opportunity must’ve been claimed by Jiang Chen. In truth, the answer he’d jumped to was in fact the reality of things.

When Ji San and the other geniuses returned to their seats, Jiang Chen was already seated next to Emperor Peafowl. There were countless gazes of jealousy, envy and hatred that flicked across Jiang Chen in that instant alone. It was obvious that these great clan scions was unable to accept this young man who had come out of nowhere to claim the great emperor’s opportunity for himself.

“Pill King Zhen?”

“How did a pill dao genius obtain an opportunity like this? Could his martial dao talents be higher than even us of the great clans?”

“Where on earth did this Pill King Zhen come from? Why have we heard nothing about him before?” It was obvious that everyone was having trouble accepting this kind of outcome.

Even the great clan clan lords themselves couldn’t quite wrap their heads around it, much less their disciples. They were all hoping that their own would emerge the victor, but they’d never thought...

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