Chapter 821: The Test Begins

Chapter 821: The Test Begins

Jiang Chen sat on his seat, his face entirely unperturbed. However, he had the impression  Emperor Peafowl had thrown an encouraging glance this way when he said those words. What did His Majesty mean by that? Is he asking me to participate in the test together with those scions of the great clans?

Besides Jiang Chen, Ji San poked him and said via voice transmission, “Brother, I think Emperor Peafowl was looking at me just now. Did you notice anything?”

Jiang Chen was left speechless. This guy was truly narcissistic enough. However, Jiang Chen wasn't going to tell him the truth. Seeing his brother’s face brimming with delight, Jiang Chen didn't have the heart to burst his bubble. After all, it would be too cruel for a man to suffer a blow in his professional life after suffering from sentimental woes no long ago.

“Ladies and gentlemen, now that the His Majesty has spoken, everyone has to treasure such a great opportunity.” The various clan lords were also delighted. They looked at their own children and started discussing the development with them. Soon after, the youngsters all brimmed with excitement, eager to give it a go.The young people invited...

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