Chapter 820: An Imperial Opportunity

Chapter 820: An Imperial Opportunity

Miss Cui'er felt a bit guilty when she saw young master Ji San's depressed demeanor. "Young master San, Cui'er knows that you're a good person. It's not that my mistress thinks otherwise, either… she just has someone different in her heart, and always has. After all these years, she still hasn't put him down."

Ji San's cheer faded when he heard those words. Relationships were strange like that. If her heart had been empty, Ji San was confident that he would one day, with enough effort, be able to change her mind. But a lost love was much more difficult to beat.

"Young master San, please just go…" Cui'er sighed in resignation at the situation, turning to leave as well.

Jiang Chen patted Ji San on the shoulder. "Brother Ji, let things be decided by fate."

Ji San laughed aloud, managing to remain carefree despite the situation. "As you said, brother. All things under heaven are decided by threads of fate. Perhaps there is none between Miss Dan and myself." He shook his head slightly as he spoke. "As it is said, 'The modest, retiring, virtuous, young lady / For...

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